Modern use of Beads

Waist beads are the definition of multi-use! Promotes body awareness, menstrual cycle tracker, weight loss tracker, posture correction, manifestation piece, and most of all a beautiful accessory. These are everyday pieces of jewelry that stay on 98% of the time. For me personally, the only reason I take off my beads is occasionally before I shower, before I go to bed just to give my body a rest from them. And often go back on the next morning. But, you can where them for how long you would like .If you play a contact sport I would HIGHLY recommend that you take these off before your activity for preservation.

Culture Appreciation/ Sharing

Beads are most definitely African tradition and as an African American who deals with the daily implications of culture loss, I want to make sure that I'm preserving what i can. Actually apprecating the culture behind this one of many, beautiful traditions. So no matter your race or gender if beads are something you would like to try go right ahead. But as you shop i would like you to understand where this comes from and take a moment to show graitude.

How to Measure

The measurement is the most important thing about your beads. This simple number is how long it will be in INCHES. And will put it around your body exactly where you want it to be. For my brand ,there is no specifices on where you would like your own beads to fit, that decision is all up to you. However, I suggest for people that have a lot of weight fluctuations to give yourself at least an inch or two because if your beads are tight you will feel uncomfy. Also, for beads around the waist, with weightloss these will drop and lang lower so, consider this with the selection of placement.

What you'll need: cloth measuring tape (i sell them in my shop)

Step 1: wrap it where you would like it to fit

Step 2: line it up so the the metal end of the tape meets your measurement

Step 3: round your measuremet to the NEAREST inch

About Eunoia

Eunoia means a well mind. This brand is about the promotion of healthy minds of young people especially, young people of color. This brand stands with PRIDE. This brand stands with CHANGE. This brand is a safe space. Eunoia is about healing and lending a helping hand to those that want it. It is about giving where you CAN. about the "you dont know how much i needed to hear that" and "I'm listening." Prtecting you OWN energy. Uplifing your neighbor. Being kind and having immense gratitude.

Thank you so much for the support!!

BEAutiful tHinKinG

Thank you for coming ! Enjoy your shop <3